Mill Steel Co. Gives Tax Cut Bonus

Mill Steel Co. Gives $1,000.00 Tax Cut Bonus to all Full-Time Associates

Mill Steel Co., one of the nation’s largest distributors of flat-rolled carbon steel, is pleased to award a $1,000 bonus to all 400 of its full-time associates following the tax cut passed by Congress and signed by President Trump.

Mill Steel announced this morning that all full-time associates across its nine operations nationwide, no matter each individual’s seniority, will receive a one-time bonus from the recent tax overhaul that reduces corporate tax rates.

David Samrick, Mill Steel CEO and Chairman, said, “We would not be where we are today without the dedication of our people. When afforded an opportunity like this, we are delighted to invest back into our hard working associates. As a result, we anticipate increased efficiencies across all operations.”

The company will continue to annually assess its compensation and benefit plan.

“We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of gratitude from our associates; it was incredibly rewarding to be able to make so many people happy. Our team is top priority and they are uniquely committed to the success of Mill Steel,” said Pam Heglund, President of Mill Steel.