Our Response to COVID-19

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Shelter-In-Place Response Bulletin

March 23, 2020

Dear Valued Customers, Suppliers, and Business Partners –

As you may be aware, shelter-in-place mandates were recently issued for several states that Mill Steel operated within. The steel manufacturing industry is vitally important to our country and its national security. As such, Mill Steel Co. is considered an essential business and all five of our Regional Processing and Distribution Centers remain open and fully operational.

Mill Steel Co. continues to monitor and follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to ensure the safety of our associates and business partners. Preventative measures and stringent sanitization are in place at each of our Regional Processing and Distribution Centers. In addition to our daily preventative measures, we have developed a COVID-19 Emergency Plan to execute at a moment’s notice if a case were to be identified at one of our locations.

As we follow CDC guidelines closely, we’re asking all of our business partners to do the same. By working together, we can collectively help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. If you visit one of our locations, please respect our sanitization procedures (click here to view). and practice social distancing while onsite. As stated by the CDC, please stay home if you are not well.

We care about our customers, community and especially our Mill Steel Family. We are proud of our associates, who are keeping our spaces clean, business running and upholding the high level of service we pride ourselves on despite the challenging circumstances. We have several programs in place to support them if affected during this trying time.

As a family-owned and operated business for 60 years, Mill Steel has endured difficult times and unprecedented situations. In those times, we relied heavily on our norms and values to guide us through. Those same values revolving around our customers and the well-being of our community are guiding us through this new challenge. We appreciate your trust and look forward to supplying quality product for years to come.


Pam Heglund
President, Mill Steel Co.

Mill Steel Response to Covid-19 Bulletin

March 13, 2020

Dear Valued Customers, Suppliers, and Business Partners –

In response to the COVID-19 virus, Mill Steel Co. wants to assure you that we are taking action to maintain continuity in our business operations and we continue to place the health and well-being of our associates, customers, and business partners as our highest priority.

At this time, all Mill Steel Regional Processing and Distribution Centers are fully operational, and we do not anticipate any supply disruptions from our steel mill partners. We are closely monitoring communications from all over the world and will work with our steel mills and processors to keep everyone well informed of any changes, delays or closings.

Here are the procedures in place today to ensure continued supply and safety of our associates:

  • We are monitoring the situation daily to ensure that we are deploying best practices in response to this outbreak to keep the supply chain moving.
  • Mill Steel has strategies in place to maintain all critical functions. Our network/computer capabilities allow secure remote access to support our employees. We will continue to manage and monitor the stability of our network.
  • We are implementing social distancing at our headquarters and are encouraging associates to work from home. Mill Steel associates have the ability to answer calls, manage releases, and process orders remotely.
  • We have stopped non-essential travel in order to reduce the risk of possible exposure.
  • In our plant operations, we have implemented mandatory hand washing at the beginning and end of each shift along with regular disinfecting of all machine controls and commonly touched areas. Associates are discarding work gloves at the end of each shift.
  • Everyone has been asked to avoid contact with anyone showing cold or flu symptoms and stay home if they are showing any potential symptoms.

We will remain flexible and focused on providing the best customer experience for all of you. Thank you for your business and partnership with Mill Steel Co.


Pam Heglund
President, Mill Steel Co.