Slotted Slip Track

Mill Steel Framing Slotted Slip Track is manufactured to provide head of wall integrity during vertical building movement. Slotted track provides wall integrity from wind and seismic movement, and expansion and contraction due to temperature differentials. Slotted track is positively secured at the head of the wall and will absorb up to 1” of vertical deflection. This one-piece head of wall system provides reduced costs in labor and materials and is used in both exterior curtain wall and interior non-load bearing applications. MSF slotted slip track conforms to all ASTM requirements, has been code tested by Intertek, and is available in a variety of sizes and gauges. 

Web sizes available

  • 2 ½” – 10”

Leg sizes available

  • 2 ½”
  • 3”

Gauges available

  • 20ga DW (30 mil)
  • 20ga structural (33 mil)
  • 18ga
  • 16ga
  • 14ga

Standard Length

  • 10′