Mill Steel Framing is pleased to offer engineering and technical services covering a wide array of cold-formed steel projects. We partner with third-party experienced engineering firms to provide fully certified engineering services.

Our Engineering services include:

  • Stamped shop drawings and calculations with competitive fees and lead times
  • Framing size and gauge recommendations, including connections
  • Detailed sketches for specific wall conditions, sealed when required
  • Customer support during all phases of project construction


Our Complimentary Technical services include:

  • Mill Steel Framing customer support – quick responses to all of your questions guaranteed
  • ASTM, AISI and SFIA code compliance
  • LEED v4 U.S. Green Building Council support
  • Product submittal support
  • Framing member limiting heights, size, and gauge recommendations
  • USG C-H Shaft Wall Systems support


Contact one of our experts today at (678) 5580-0693 or for help with any of your engineering or technical needs!