Mill Steel Co. Launches First Mobile App for Painted Coil Market

The Mill Steel App

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.June 3, 2020 — Mill Steel Co., one of the nation’s largest distributors of flat-rolled carbon steel, today announced the launch of their first mobile app, available for iOS. Through the Mill Steel app, customers have access to its complete line of prime, excess, and secondary painted and acrylic inventories. With real-time pricing and steel sales transaction capabilities, this easy-to-use tool allows customers to reorder their products, view order history, place an order for delivery or pickup, and bid on coils from its excess and secondary inventories.

The all-mobile experience provides steel purchasing and shipment tracking to its customer base, while supporting the growing demand for ecommerce and order tracking. The newly released app is available for iOS, with a wider Android release to follow shortly.

“In an effort to maximize our service offerings to our construction customers, our goal was to develop an easy to use online app that would provide a full-service, 24-7 online marketplace. We are very excited to be a leader in our industry offering a complete set of mobile tools to the construction market,” said Pam Heglund, President of Mill Steel.

The Mill Steel app is available for free download on the Apple App Store and is compatible with iOS devices. More information can be found by visiting