Mill Steel Framing Announces Their Product Program With ARCAT

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (April 13, 2020) – Mill Steel Framing is proud to announce its product information, specs, CAD details, videos and more are now part of ARCAT is the leading website in the construction industry for sourcing, specifying, and detailing in construction products. Now, construction professionals will have easy access to everything they need to specify Mill Steel’s products.

ARCAT’s website is indexed so construction professionals can quickly click from the ARCAT Profile Page to any product for more detailed product information. Specifications written by ARCAT adhere to the CSI 3-Part Format, contain helpful notes to the specifier, and are compatible with any Microsoft Word processing software. ARCAT CAD details are also available on in the most common CAD formats (.dxf and .dwg).

The Mill Steel program with ARCAT is designed to assist professionals in specifying products in the most efficient and informative way possible. Visit to find out more about how Mill Steel’s products can help in your next project.

The content is free to download from ARCAT, and no registration is required. Visit Mill Steel’s page at