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  • View our No-Headache Start-Up video to learn how our team exceeds your needs.


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We push the edge to design services that guarantee to meet and exceed your diverse and changing needs.

Rapid Response

We understand urgency.

  • Our dedicated Rapid Response team guarantees a response to any material inquiry within five minutes.

  • We plan for your emergency situations — setting aside time on our slitting lines to make your needs a priority.

  • Most of our shipments are sent within 48-hours or less, and many ship the same day!

No-Headache Start-Up

We get it right.

  • Disruption–free start–ups are critical for your business. That's why our No–Headache Start–Up team takes a comprehensive approach to understanding your needs.

  • Management from our customer service, metallurgical, operations, and logistics teams visit your facility to learn your processes.

  • We develop a customized plan to keep you moving without skipping a beat.

Quick Tech Info

We want to help.

  • Need fast, accurate answers to your toughest questions about engineering specifications, steel physical properties, defects and more? Just email our experts at: quicktech@millsteel.com.

  • We have expert metallurgists on hand for you 24 hours a day to ensure you get help when you need it.